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I live in the most beautiful area of Washington State. We are surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River runs right through the middle of town, and one of the best ski resorts in the state is 20 minutes away and we can see it from our front yard! One activity that I love to do with my family and our dogs is hike around the foothills. The flowers, fresh air and the occasional rattlesnake always make each hike an adventure!

Say hello to glowing skin! This wonderful body scrub uses both brown and white sugar as a natural exfoliator combined with nourishing, natural oils to reveal smooth and refreshed skin. This satsuma blend is an incredible mix of tangerine, bergamot, and lime with touches of sweet tropical lily, and hints of dry tea leaves and musk. It is then topped off with the comforting blend of honey and almond fragrance oils to ensure radiant skin.

You’ll have to smell it (and use it) to believe me! It’s that good.

Directions For Use:

Generously apply to skin in a circular motion. Rinse off thoroughly.

Some Warnings:

1. Don’t eat it. Believe me, you may want to!
2. Don’t use more than 2x a week. Sometimes sugar can irritate the skin if used too much.
3. May cause shower to become slippery.

All scrubs are ‘made to order’ in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. These 4oz ‘scrub tubs’ jars sold individually or can be packaged with one of our many other products.

This price includes (1) 4oz sugar scrub tub that is sealed (twice!) to ensure quality.

Ingredients: White sugar, brown sugar, sunflower oil, liquid glycerin, jojoba oil, satsuma fragrance oil, and honey almond fragrance oil.



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