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left to right top row: Summer Lovin' (Fresh Strawberry), Pampered Princess (Eucalyptus Spearmint), I Smell Yummy! (Coconut Lemongrass), Must Be Heaven (White Freesia & Orange Blossom)
left to right bottom row: Sweet & Sassy (Sweet Pea), Rise & Shine (Grapefruit), Is It Spring Yet? (Lilac & Lavender), Beach Bum (Coconut Pineapple)
not pictured: Give Me Some Sugar (Classic Vanilla) and Tickled Pink (Sweet & Spirited Blossom)

Use this refreshing fragrance mist after a shower or as a 'pick me up' during the day. Perfect to also layer it with its matching lotion and soap to ensure you will be smelling amazing all day long.

Choose from the below scents:

  • I Smell Yummy! - Coconut Lemongrass BEST SELLER!
    This is our best selling scent . . . hands down! Some fragrances are just meant for each other. Discover the sensory treasure of tantalizing lemongrass enhanced with the tropical pleasures of coconut.
  • Tickled Pink (Sweet & Spirited Blossom) NEW!
    If you love our best selling perfume 'Confident' then you'll love this matching lotion. One of my favorite scents is Poppy by Coach. I was determined to figure out a way to make this myself and offer it to you at a reasonable cost. Well look no further . . . we did it! This fruity-sweet, spirited fragrance has nergizing top notes of juicy mandarin, cucumber and sheer white fressia. A lush bouquet of heart notes emerge with hints of rich gardenia, red rose, water lily and jasmine. Depth is achieved in the warm, sweet base notes of vanilla and creme brulee wrapped in ambered sandalwood.
  • Sweet & Sassy - Sweet Pea
    Savannah's personal favorite and describes her personality in a nutshell! If you like the 'Sweet Pea' line at Bath & Body Works, then you'll LOVE this. This scent is a bright and fruity bouquet with top notes of raspberry, pineapple, nectarine and green tea. The heart blends white lilies, sweet pea, muguet and red clover, the dry down is contemporary with fresh marine notes and a soft, sensual musk.
  • Rise & Shine - Grapefruit
    This was an immediate hit when we all tried this scent. Many people kept asking us for a citrus scent, and after months of searching, we found it! You immediately smell a zesty blend of fresh picked citrus with every spray.
  • Pampered Princess - Eucalyptus Spearmint
    This scent takes me back to a wonderful spa I went to in Napa Valley, CA. The fragrance is earthy and zingy fresh, cooling and clean. You can never go wrong with this oil combination!
  • Is It Spring Yet? - Lilac & Lavender
    A special blend of lilac and lavender creates this refreshing, squeaky clean scent.
  • Eat Your Oatmeal - Satsuma & Honey Almond
    This blend is an incredible mix of tangerine, honey almond, bergamot, and lime with touches of sweet tropical lily, and hints of dry tea leaves and musk.
  • Beach Bum - Coconut Pineapple
    Smell like your are on a tropical vacation. Perfect scent to add a little sunshine to your day!
  • Summer Lovin' - Fresh Strawberry
    Want to smell 'fresh & fun'? Then this scent is for you!

Important Facts:

  • Use as a refreshing fragrance mist after you shower, or layer it with its matching lotion and soap
  • Skin safe, paraben free
  • Alcohol based to ensure quick evaporation leaving skin refreshed, nourished and smelling wonderful
  • Each body mist is packed in a 4oz bottle with non-clogging spayer
  • Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing. We just test it on ourselves and our friends!
  • No Animal Products


For direct skin contact by means of mist spray. Do not use on face, internally or on broken skin.

This price includes (1) 4oz bottle with fine mist sprayer.

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, deioniozed water,fragrance, butylene glycol, glycerin, colorant

Tickled Pink | Sweet & Spirited Blossom
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Beach Bum | Coconut Pineapple
$11 | Add to Cart
Summer Lovin | Fresh Strawberry
$11 | Add to Cart
I Smell Yummy! | Coconut Lemongrass
$11 | Add to Cart
Sweet & Sassy | Sweet Pea
$11 | Add to Cart
Rise & Shine | Grapefruit
$11 | Add to Cart
Pampered Princess | Eucalyptus Spearmint
$11 | Add to Cart
Is It Spring Yet? | Lilac & Lavender
$11 | Add to Cart
Eat Your Oatmeal | Satsuma & Honey Almond
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