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Roll-On Fragrance (BEST SELLERS!)

If you've been in Sephora or a high-end department store lately, you may have realized roll-on perfumes are making a comeback!

These perfumes are perfect for the ‘girl on the go’ – just dab on your pulse points for a subtle, feminine scent. Stick one in your gym bag, backpack or purse.

There are 5 intoxicating scents to choose from and only contain 2 high quality ingredients to keep it as natural as possible.


100% Pure+Natural Essential Oils (NON- DILUTED)

Harness the pure and natural power of essential oils. For thousands of years essential oils have served cosmetic, dietary, aromatherapy and health purposes.

From inspiring our mood, to aiding in our wellness (colds, headaches, sleep, etc.) to the cleansing benefits to what we put on our skin, essential oils are multi-faceted to say the very least.

Fragrance Mists

Use these refreshing fragrance mists after a shower or as a 'pick me up' during the day. Perfect to also layer it with its matching lotion and soap to ensure you will be smelling amazing all day long.

Important Facts:

  • 10 fresh scents to choose from
  • Use as a refreshing fragrance mist after you shower, or layer it with its matching lotion and soap
  • Skin safe, paraben free
  • Alcohol based to ensure quick evaporation leaving skin refreshed, nourished and smelling wonderful
  • Each body mist is packed in a 4oz bottle with non-clogging sprayer
  • Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing. We just test it on ourselves and our friends!
  • No Animal Products






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