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left to right: Varsity Or Bust (Vanilla), Can I Get A Lift? (Peppermint), Pre-Game Jitters (Cucumber Melon), Lemonade Stand (Fresh Lemon), 3-In-The-Key (Coconut Pineapple), Run Like A Girl (Grape), Just Chicked (Strawberry), Surf's Up (Blue Lime)

Every lip balm has a story . . .

Lip balms were the first products Twisted Tomboy® developed and sold. In true 'tomboy' fashion, each lip balm has a fun, sporty name to go along with each flavor. People also asked 'how did you come up with the fun names?' So, for your reading pleasure, we've include the 'story' behind each lip balm's name as told by our founder Savannah.

Each yummy balm is made of the finest ingredients such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and much more! Check out these fun flavors:

  • 3-In-The-Key (Coconut Pineapple) - If you’ve ever played basketball, you’ve probably been called for 3-in-the-key. It’s pretty embarrassing. It’s as if our brain checks out for 3-seconds and is daydreaming of sitting on the beach sipping a tropical drink. Wait . . . that kinda sounds good!
  • Can I Get A Lift? (White Peppermint) - I live about 25 minutes from Mission Ridge which is a ski resort in my hometown. I can literally see it from from my house. IT IS AWESOME! I actually learned how to ski last year and the scariest part was getting on the chair lift. It was terrifying . . . but totally worth it. This lip balm is for all those who love the winter and love to play in the snow like I do!
  • Lemonade Stand (Fresh Lemon) - One of my favorite memories as a child is having my little lemonade stand at the end of my driveway with my friend. (I should preface this story that we live in the 'boonies' and get VERY LITTLE traffic by our house each day) I would sit for hours waiting for someone to come up our desolate road to buy my refreshing lemonade. Thank goodness for the nice UPS driver who felt bad for me and would buy several glasses when he came by. Oh well . . .
  • Just Chicked! (Strawberry) - You know that feeling when you're biking or running and you pass a boy? How about when you’re playing 1-on-1 and you steal the ball from him? He looks over at you and you can’t help but notice a little frustration on his face. That’s right. He realizes he’s just been “chicked!”
  • Pre-Game Jitters (Cucumber Melon) - I’m known for getting ‘pre-game jitters’ before all my games. I get so nervous. I feel like there are butterflies trapped in my tummy trying to fight their way out! Something about the tranquil smell of fresh cucumbers and melon make my 'jitters' go away. Ahhhh!
  • Run Like A Girl (Grape) - My brother always tells me "you run like a girl Savannah." Well, last time I checked . . . I AM A GIRL! Humpf . . . Boys! No matter how you kick, hit, dribble or run – do it in style with a little help from this yummy grape lip balm.
  • Surf's Up! (Blue Lime) - Ahhhh . . . can you hear it? The sound of the ocean is calling your name. I’m all about the ocean. I love swimming, boogie boarding and playing in it. However, if I’m at the beach I want to make sure I’m looking fabulous, right? So I put on a little of my ‘blue lime’ lip balm and all of a sudden I’m STOKED and ready to play!
  • Varsity Or Bust (Vanilla) - Just admit it. If you’re a ‘true’ tomboy, you dream of playing on Varsity if you’re not already. It’s a lofty goal, but one that can be achieved!

Each lip balm is packaged in a black tube & sealed for your protection.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Flavor Oils, Colorant.



Varsity Or Bust | Vanilla
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Lemonade Stand | Fresh Lemon
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Just Chicked | Strawberry Swirl
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Can I Get A Lift? | White Peppermint
Pre-Game Jitters | Cucumber Melon
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3-In-The-Key | Coconut Pineapple
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Surf's Up | Blue Lime
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Run Like A Girl | Grape
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