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We have spent hundreds (that's right HUNDREDS) of dollars over the years searching for the right hairband. We wanted one that doesn't slip, that is comfortable yet stylish. Well . . . we've found it!

Recently we were at a large soccer tournament and had girls and women test them to see what they thought. Hands down they loved them and wanted one immediately. They really 'stuck' in their hair without sliding off.

The Halo Hairband is the ideal hairband for female athletes who need to keep their hair pulled back during any activity. Featuring thousands of gripping fibers around the inside of the hairband, the Halo Hairband also acts as a non-slip headband so you don’t have to constantly adjust it during a game, match, or training. Our sport hairband is available in ½” or 1” widths and in a variety of colors.

Sport Hairband Features:

  • Exclusive Halo NO-SLIP Technology (fabric on the inside of the band uses thousands of gripping fibers to hold the band in place)
  • Stays in place during ANY activity
  • Elastic band in back for a comfortable fit
  • One size fits all
  • Made with the highest quality fabrics available
  • Absorbs sweat
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand wash, hang dry
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • 1/2" width

Don't believe they work? Listen to the testimonials about Halo® Hairbands:

Beautiful and Functional
I bought the HALO headband for workouts and have loved that it keeps my hair away
from my face, doesn't allow sweat to drip under it and doesn't leave a ridge in my hair
when removed. I took the HALO on vacation and through boat rides and even snorkeling
(it is so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it!) it stayed in place and kept my hair under control.

By CG Kayaks

Headband from Heaven
I use this headband while exercising and for everyday casual use. This headband never slips,
pulls or breaks my hair. I have had bad experiences with other so-called sports headbands
that claim to be 'no slip' and have rubber strips that grip and break off my fine, long hair
This headband has soft, velour textured fabric on the inside that prevents it from sliding off
and doesn't break my hair. I am going to buy one of these in every color!

By sleepless in the desert

Stays in place
This is the only hairband that I have tried that stays in place during a run, even when hair gets
sweaty. The inside of the hairband is made of a material that grips the hair to keep from sliding
off like many hairbands do, but it also doesn't feel too tight on my head.

By runninghappy


Lime Neon Green (1/2 inch)
$12.00 USD

Bright Orange (1/2 inch)
$12.00 USD

Light Blue (1/2 inch)
$12.00 USD

Light Pink (1/2 inch)
$12.00 USD







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